Strategic Consulting

Lighthouse Maritime Advisors’ strategic consulting services help companies develop and implement new business strategies to generate growth and improve operational efficiency. Clients seeking to grow their business, expand into new markets or regions, or release new services use our assistance to define their goals and design the high-level strategies needed to realize them. Call us to discuss how we can best serve you.

Executive Guidance

A strong, secure leader understands that maximum effectiveness requires leveraging all available resources. One key resource is a professional advisor. Experienced and engaged professional advisors offer a leader insight and options that otherwise might not present themselves. Finding a truly qualified professional advisor in the maritime industry, however, can be challenging. The industry includes many different segments; a consultant may have experience in one segment but not another, or may not appreciate how the segments work together. The professionals at Lighthouse Maritime Advisors provide trustworthy advice based on decades of executive-level experience within and across the industry. We offer services ranging from 1:1 coaching, to strategic project- or team-specific guidance, to company-wide policy development and training. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Custom Advisory Services

Lighthouse Maritime Advisors can create a custom plan focused on the unique challenges facing your business. Over the course of their executive careers, our advisors have handled and successfully addressed day-to-day operational inefficiencies, human resources and labor issues, vendor selection and RFP processes, government agency engagement, M&A projects, crisis situations and environmental sustainability initiatives. Let our team meet with you to learn about your needs.

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